Prizes to be won!

Fun house ran on CITV from 1989 to 1999 hosted by Pat Sharp (with the fantastic mullet) and featuring the twin cheerleaders Melanie and Martina.

The fun house was a colourful adventure playground where teams of kids competed for a variety of prizes. Anything from gift vouchers, to camcorders. Some of the obstacles in the Funhouse include;

  • Wild slide – A very steep and fast tube slide
  • Sneaky slip ‘n’ slide – Another tube slide opposite the wild slide but less steep and fast.
  • The flying fox – A zip line which went from one end of the fun house to the other
  • The ball run – A long ball pit at the back of the fun house
  • firemans pole – A long pole similar to a firemans pole to slide down from the top of the fun house to the bottom.
  • Crawl tube – A big plastic tube to crawl through.
  • Balloon Tunnel – A tunnel filled with balloons
  • Monster Maze – An area at the front of the fun house filled with monsters
  • The bob sleigh – A bob sleigh which goes down a large slide from the top of the fun house which leads to the sneaky slip ‘n’ slide.
  • The danger net – A net bridge which leads too the wild slide.
  • Hole in the wall – A wall with holes in, the tag hides behind one of the holes
  • Angular triangular – A box with two triangle-shaped spinning shelves inside
  • Magic curtain – A foam rubber curtain which you could walk through
  • Target the trash cans – 3 rubbish bins filled with rubbish, the tag is hidden inside one of them.
  • Beat the bully – A giant head of a bully with giant teeth, you have to punch his teeth to get the tag.
  • The tall tower – Very large tower with a ladder to climb up
  • Snake in a box – A box filled with springy snakes.
  • The A frame – A climbing frame in the shape of a capital A
  • The sunken well – 4 long narrow tubes with ropes inside, the tag is attached to one of them
  • The climbing net – A net to climb up
  • The big leap – A big firemans pole
  • The giant steps – A giant staircase
  • Gong crazy! – A large box with a polystyrene gong at the front, smash it open to get the tag.
  • The big drop – A zip-line seat built to carry the player from the top of the Fun House to the bottom ball pool

Funhouse Title Sequence from 1997